Our rental department WILL HELP provide you with all the necessary tools to help capture that perfect vision in motion. Save money on purchasing equipment by renting from our wide array of equipment choices! We also provide an option for hiring our in house operators. 

Rental Information:


(847)749-6065         trancerentals@gmail.com

Security Deposit:

Trance Productions shall waive your security deposit, if adequate proof of professional experience can be provided. Proof of professional experience can be a website with your name & work, or a video with your name in the credits. 

Requirement of setting up an account:

1. A website or video link to verify your professional experience.

2. Full name, and or company name, billing address, and phone number.

3. A Certificate of Insurance naming Trance Productions as Loss-Payee. (See below for items that require insurance)

We require:

1. Insurance and a 25% non-refundable down payment for the following:

- Bulk rentals

2. Renters must bring two forms of ID: A State Photo ID, and a credit/debit card on the day of the pick up.

3. Renters must sign a rental agreement prior to the release of any equipment.

4. Payment upon pickup: Cash, credit card, or Pay Pal (+4% Paypal fee).

One-day rental periods are 24 hours. Any rental period that exceeds 30 hours will be charged an additional day. Drop-offs are

accepted during regular business hours. Special drop-off times can be arranged. 

Due to erratic demand cancellations within one week of rental pickup will be charged 25% of the full rental price. All sales are final.

Delivery service is available in the Lake County area as well as parts of Cook County. Contact us for further details.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, and American Express.